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from costume The Black Knight
Yueri ...Who would never give up any fight.


Pictures are finally up in http://negality.com

Please do visit and take a look! They where extremely hard to take what with the moving around the park and pieces and the costume being really hot for Ryo_ and all the bystanders! b.b

Must admit I had a great time n.n
  • Birfhum Great work! How did you do the plate and the silver borders? 13 years ago
  • Arroyo Just amazing work 14 years ago
  • negativedreamer wow, BLACK KNIGHT!!! thank you for making this :) 14 years ago
  • Cubed_Link BLACK NIGHT FTW! AWESOME 14 years ago
  • Blacky wow your Black Knight is great! 14 years ago
  • cloudwarrior sweet looking cosplay ^^ great job 14 years ago
  • Tooru18 The Black Knight! LOL I love you for doing this! He was one of the best villians! 14 years ago
  • deshwitat this is an awsome looking cosplay 14 years ago