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from costume Sakura
Gidget Photo taken by SkyPirate at Izumicon 2007.

Syaoran - FaeandMerfolk
  • callistamiralni Hey... I saw you guys last year at Izumicon... are you going again? Actually, my real question was: what did you use for Sakura's jewels on her shirt? My friends and I are cosplaying Tsubasa this year (we were the large Kingdom Hearts group last year) and I'm supposed to be Sakura, but I don't know what to do for those stupid jewels! Any advice? By the way, you guys do make an excellent Sakura/Syaoran. I hope to see you again this year! 14 years ago
  • Fong You guys make a lovely Sakura/Syaoran ^_^ 15 years ago