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ashe2kawaii Ordering Tifa's wig, since I know I'll. Forget to show a before and after picture of styling it, I figured i'd share the store image and then when I do a makeup test, I'll then have the after. I decided to go with a dark brown/black mix. Because although some images. Of her are shown Black hair, others do show a dark brown. Later though if I feel the need to, I'll buy a black one as well. Until then I'm happy and hopeful I do a good job. Let's do it! Taking charge and working to finish as many of my favorite and long time wanted cosplays this year. Will have some in progress shots as I finish this
  • AnimeLuxray25 It's so long! *O* 9 years ago
  • ashe2kawaii Thank you so much!(>w<) Hahahaha yeah it's hard to quit checking the tracking number lol i soooo hope i style this okay, it'l be my first time styling side swept bangs on a wigXD 9 years ago
  • LinkPwnsGanon oooooh! I can't wait until your Tifa wig arrives! It's gonna be totally awesome! 8D 9 years ago