Chiefy's image
Chiefy Me and my awesome Monster Hunter group(and our lovely pig)
AndreaOfTheLand: Rathalos armor
Korinchan: Cephalos armor
NekoMimiChan: Healer armor
Me: Mafumofu armor
  • princemercury1 Amazing costumes!!! I love your props!!! *__* 11 years ago
  • SailorGaia This is so fabulous! I love all the details (and the PIG XD )! You guys look so great! 11 years ago
  • Takuropop Fabulous costumes - bonus points and a laugh out loud from me for having the meat spit! 11 years ago
  • Kayomi Saw y'all at MetroCon - you guys were awesome! :3 Such wonderful detail work and all the props just added to the technical quality. 11 years ago