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from costume Sweet Lolita
Kiren I forgot the loli socks ^^;
  • ichigo-chan7 *.* soo cute! *steals and runs away* 13 years ago
  • moogles1989 lol im working on th skirt tonight tomarrow im buying the lace and ribbon and stuff 13 years ago
  • moogles1989 lol i havent made it yet....i started it last night by altering a basic shirt pattern for the top and im buying mor fabric for the skirt part today after my algebra class with a friend.....i dafted her into being my dress up doll....i just really want pink and white maryjane shoes cus theyll go perect with mine....=) ill post up pictures of the head thingy i made that inspired the dress later 13 years ago
  • moogles1989 omg!!! where did u get those shoes!!!!! funny thing is i just finsihed designing my own loli dress and urs looks very similar....i think i channeled ur dress or something.....lolima change mine....but i love those shoes i must have those shoes!1!! 13 years ago
  • +Misato+ *-* que preciosa coordinacion 13 years ago
  • B-Shira Nooo! Agarrenla que es ratera! XD LOL Pero es verdad, estan muy bonitos los zapatos Feliz Año Nuevo! ^O^ 13 years ago
  • sighduck =O im stealing your shoes *steals and runs away laughing* 13 years ago