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from costume Alice
Rain_cloud *____*

i love everyone in the group.you guys are awesome.*__*

Myself as alice

Kemuri as Cornelius

Masako as Velvet

Jackee as Oswald

Koori as Gwendolyn

Kazeki as Mercedes

Fenix as Yngway

the whole team here, abusing the sofa in the HP booth at Comic Fiesta 08.

Thank you to everyone in the group. Thank you kazeki for psyco-ing us. thank you jackee for painting half the props in our group.It was a painful experience but we made it in time and everything was worth it.Im just sad that one side of my bow went missing before we took this picture.T___T

Picture by graff. <3 . We love you too.
  • Angathol Wow, it's rare that you see so many Odin Sphere cosplayers in one group, let alone an Oswald, Cornelius or Alice! ^_^ Everyone did such a great job. 14 years ago