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from costume Guy Cecil
darthmarysue It was Elemental's awesome idea to frame the crossed swords into the photo, which led to amusing discussion about which one should be 'on top'. (We switched them around later, but this photo was taken early on in the set.) Luke and I didn't want to get up and move to a new pose after this; we'd been walking around all day and it felt sooo nice to sit down.

I love this pose because it can be taken as the protectiveness of a best friend or slightly romantic, depending on how you prefer to view Guy and Luke's relationship. ryuuraigeki makes an adorable Luke as always.

Cosplayers: ryuuraigeki as Luke

Photo credit to Elemental. ^_^
  • LusiaZimmel As it is touching!! You are faultless! 11 years ago
  • MizuNeko29 OMG, that's so cool!! You two did so well on your costumes! Amazing! I'm working through the game and I'm just giddy seeing this! 12 years ago
  • Tessceres You two are simply the best ^^ 12 years ago
  • Rose of Battle You and ryuuraigeki are too adorable! 12 years ago
  • Nyoko such a nice photo! 12 years ago