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from costume Deidara
bakaforce_blond Taken by my amazing friend Rachelle [kakashifangirl on here] at Grant Park, on the dock at the lake.
  • Chi-Nasagawa wow great job on that costume! And the shot, simply amazing~! So, you're attending No Brand Con? Who are you going as?!~ 14 years ago
  • rebellious Bist echt wunderschön und hast richtig gute Kostüme! *träumz Grüße von Schorschl ausm spin^^ 15 years ago
  • RaaBee Great photo, I agree Grant park is a place to do photoshoots 15 years ago
  • Flowery What lovely scenery -- you look absolutely gorgeous! 15 years ago
  • Funkarilla This is beautiful. <3 I love the pose, and the setting is perfect. 15 years ago
  • Chuwei great shot~ <3 you make a really pretty Deidara 15 years ago
  • TsubasaNoTenshi ZOMG you are deidara! I love your cosplay 15 years ago
  • Chris1248000 wow ur friend toke a really grate picture!! You do a grate Deidara 15 years ago
  • imino WOW~~~~~~SO COOL!! I LOVE THIS PICT>_<~ 15 years ago
  • fear_nothing Absolutely amazing. Awesome. Best Deidara EVER. 15 years ago
  • Aurora Maryte Oh my gosh, that pose is so amazing and dramatic!! And you make such a perfect Deidara! 15 years ago
  • megami_chan OMG!this ist THE picture!! very awesome! 15 years ago
  • soylatte wow~ nice photo 15 years ago
  • mercure Very nice photo ^0^ ~♥ 15 years ago
  • Aizu awesome shot! 15 years ago
  • etaru What a stunning shot! 15 years ago
  • Elsch awesome shot~ *_* I love your pose and costume and the fact that the water looks nearly black, so dramatic. ^^ 15 years ago
  • Ikari Gendo Awesome picture! everything is perfect 15 years ago
  • Luo Wow, amazing shot and costume! 15 years ago
  • MIUX That's so cool! 15 years ago
  • Crystalike whoa! This rocks! WERe you actually at the beach? I have to go to a beach and take pictures now! 15 years ago
  • di7373 great pic!! 15 years ago