Amberle's image
from costume kairi
Amberle Wig and makeup by Astellecia
Photo by Togusa.
Costume by me, Keyblade by Chris!

Finally had a chance to shoot with my Namine! 8DDD
Photos with her later.
Huge thank you to the photogs: Togusa, Nevar, Qingxiang and Shion!
The shoot was very enjoyable, if not crazy (:

This photo was not photoshopped at all! D:
Why? Cause i'm using a computer without ps. :D
  • Amberle Biz: I'm glad you think so 8DD Thanks! Akane: Aww fanks. ;3 Choco: Haha thank you! ♥ s0ra_xx: Thank you :D 15 years ago
  • s0ra_xx Gorgeous! 15 years ago
  • ChocoLime U look good even without ps! U suit kairi very much 15 years ago
  • Mikazuki Akane You look so sweet~ 15 years ago
  • BiZ Very pretty~You have a face structure that really suits Kairi. x3 15 years ago