Yuanie's image
from costume Princess Serenity
Yuanie Just as I was posing next to a 100 plus machine, a mysterious cat suddenly walked by, stepped on my gown, stop and look at me. Everyone was so surprised with the sudden appearance of the cat ! I was very excited and happy, because everything was like Luna coming to pose with me. Just as my friend get ready to snap the picture for me, the cat suddenly turn and faced the camera too ^_____^ ~!~! Cheerios!!! Haha... If you noticed, I've added a small moon logo on its face.

Photographer : SFSakana
  • EndlessNights Perfect, perfect picture ~♥~ You´re so beautiful! 16 years ago
  • NESSiiE WOW ur costume is so kool 16 years ago
  • supergirlgc KAWAIIIII so coool 16 years ago
  • mOOn 你的小兔的cos真的很棒啊!!讓我看了好感動~ 看來露娜找到真正的主人了~笑。 16 years ago
  • megami_chan hermosa! really cute and kawai I liked it n.n 17 years ago
  • Kula-Diamond its cute! and the neko to! ^__^ its so kawaii :3 17 years ago
  • Usagi Dumpling Way too cute!!!!!!! 17 years ago
  • PuffypowerOtaku aww that costume is sooo great ur cat is so cute ^^ 17 years ago
  • Hexlord Niceeeeee XD 17 years ago
  • Kazeki you should seriously make the other SailorMoon costumes! I really really love your Usagi cosplay *___* 17 years ago
  • Katie-chan Wow that is really cool that happen and your costume is really nice as well. 17 years ago
  • aoifa_silverdra WOW! really nice picture 17 years ago
  • ChocoLime The neko is so cute *o* lucky shot! lol 17 years ago
  • Celeste_Orchid i like your costume! and your wig is very nice too! 17 years ago