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from costume Eternal Sailor Saturn
Yueri Another pretty picture!!

This is one of my favorite pictures from Saturn : http://urgo.org/dotcomguy/viewers/saturn39-1.jpg

And I had that pose in my mind very clearly (or at least I thought I did) when we were taking pictures.

I find the Glaive's blade being white hypnotizing, and the crystal midwalls, so uncomfortable! Felt like if I sprained my ankle and I had to reach out for something, they would break and send me down! T.T

Being in that crystal bridge seemed like eternity.

Full gallery : http://negality.com
  • Gloha_h You're an amazing Saturn! Props for a job well done, you look amazing! 13 years ago
  • Master Zero Hay, que cute! 13 years ago
  • SAN_CHAN waaaa k kawaiii te ves muy lindo cosplay 13 years ago