Zoroko's image
Zoroko Otakon went entirely too fast-

I had loads of fun wearing scouts mom. I don't have many good shots of the costume on my camera but I'm hoping my friend Chris landed some great shots~

So more pics to come~!
  • robonyanya Aaaaaauuugh, I missed you! And I love this photo! Did you change the color of the dress, or does it just look more violet-y because of the lighting. Funny thing though...did you end up wearing the Zora armor during Otakon again? Because I think Hana was standing next to you at some point for a long time. SHe thought it might have been you, but she never thought to say hi because I told her to look for Scout's Mom or Minish Cap LinkX( 13 years ago
  • Patastrophic I am so bummed I didn't get to see this. You have the cutest smile by the way! 13 years ago
  • TwiliteSea Bah, I didn't see you at ALL this weekend! D: But you look mahvelous, dahling! 13 years ago
  • Flowery Awww , how cute, Zo! ;0; The beehive is adorable! 13 years ago