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from costume Princess Tutu
SakuraxTsubasa Just so you can...kind of see the beading. And tiara. And stuff.

But not really still can't really see it.
  • *E_S_M* even without posing, you look graceful! 10 years ago
  • Mehdia You look STUNNING! The detail on the costume is beautiful, the wig is great on you, and your expression is beautiful. Your grace shows through even in this close-up. Amazing work. 10 years ago
  • SilverHelix You make a beautiful Princess TuTu! :D 10 years ago
  • Rose of Battle Woah, amazing job! I love the design and the feathers! 10 years ago
  • NiGHTmaren I love how icey the beading looks, I think it works great with the costume! :) So looking forward to getting pics together at Otakon, you did such an amazing job with bringing this design to life! 10 years ago