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from costume Terra / Tina Branford
Yossi I still clearly remember how confused I was when I played FFVI ages ago about how the supposed main character is apparently being mind-controlled by the Empire. That and the craziest villain in FF history left quite some impression on me.

On the costume:
First, I have to admit that I'd never cosplayed Terra if it hadn't been for my sister, who'd been constantly pestering me with pleas about how much she'd love to cosplay Kefka one day. Two years ago, I drafted a pattern for Kefka as a birthday present for her, but it wasn't until this year that we've finally found the time to make a start on this project. We've decided to use Yoshitaka Amano artwork and in-game graphics as reference rather than the popular Dissidia designs by Tetsuya Nomura, simply because that leaves us with more creative leeway.
I chose burgundy red tafetta for the dress, which I lined with twill because it was too thin. My sister did most of the paintings on the dress (while I was busy sewing her Kefka costume). I attached golden braids along the hems and some gems on the painted flowers. The capes are gradient-dyed and the shoes are self-painted, as well.
The sabre was also done by myself. It's not exactly pretty, but it was my first time wokring with wood and now I'm pretty proud of it regadless of how it looks XD

Photo by sakuraangelic.deviantart.com
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