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from costume Ryo-Ohki
Hopie Myself and Hee-Hee as Ryo-Ohki and Tenchi! Photo by FallingFeathers.net
  • keimi You two are amazing! Great job on all your cosplays, you sure know how to style incredible wigs!!! 9 years ago
  • mukki OH MY GOD. This is spot on! >A< alhasdklsdalfkjdsieslkdflsdkfjlsdkflsdjf FFFFFFFFFFFFF ICANTSTOPFANGASMINGFDKLSDFLDSFL 9 years ago
  • NovemberCosplay This is so animated! I love it! 9 years ago
  • Patastrophic Whatever you guys did for Tenchi's make-up/wig/other facial features... bravo. I mean, it really REALLY looks like Tenchi stepped out of my TV and said "I got 6 women, what's your excuse?" 9 years ago