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from costume Donna Noble
SailorGaia I made (mostly gathered) this costume for Dragon*Con '08 but never really got any pictures of it. Sometimes when you're dressing as a casual character it's hard to recognize that it's a *costume* at all without a group, which I really didn't have. When my sister wanted to wear my Union Jack shirt & cosplay Rose at Ohayocon this year, I thought it'd be fun to wear this again, this time to better success of recognition! :D

I love Donna so much. She's just a fun, sassy character and it was really fun cosplaying her. I don't think I get anywhere near to achieving Catherine Tate's look but meh, I did it anyway!

The only thing I made for this was the grey tunic-sweater. Everything else was either something I had already or purchased. My friend Miri gave me the fantastic wig.

Thanks to EBK for the shots!
  • CreativeGuy Very cool! :) 13 years ago
  • Hitori Hurrah for Donna~! 13 years ago
  • Faraday The world needs more Donnas. :) 13 years ago
  • Lucifer Yay Donna! 13 years ago
  • Vilya0 I instantly recognized this, it looks awesome!! =D 13 years ago