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Lady Muramasa Alrighty, so finished Carlos. Well my little sister is coming for AX 2010, she was going to be Sherry Birkin, my BF was going as Albert Wesker RE1, and I was going as Carlos RE3. But I just had a thought, why not my little sister go as Rebecca, and I as Jill from RE1 Remake. Never thought I'd cosplay Jill, never had the intention honestly. At least we will be from the same game. Well, this isn't the hat since hers is some wanky blue color much different than her RE original color. I'm altering the blue shirt so it fits better. Shoulder pads, still annoyingly in
  • CliffnCain love the steely cold blue eyes you have there ms. valentine 12 years ago
  • Angeal nice work ! you look good it looks nice very good work 12 years ago