Liriel's image
from costume sophie hatter
Liriel Issabella as Howl.
Koorifumi as Markl.
Calcifer made by Koorifumi.
  • Chibi You make such a cute Sophie ^-^ 15 years ago
  • Kamatari-san tolles Foto! ^___^ 15 years ago
  • Selphie aw <you are such a sweet sophie the whole groop is amazing great job on the costumes! 16 years ago
  • Ken-san I´ve seen the movie, finally! Great costumes, and you have Calcifer as well! *thumbs up* 16 years ago
  • Liriel Thank you! :) 16 years ago
  • Albel-Nox thats a really great family picture *----* 16 years ago
  • Liriel YES! ^_^ 16 years ago
  • Koinosuke Yay for Howl's Moving Castle cosplay! 16 years ago