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Yuanie Finally another Athena project done ^_^ ~! This costume design is from her King of Fighters 97 version. I like the background here, which was acutally a long curtain :P Haha.. I'll never forget this pose that Athena does ^^u. Banzaiii ~!~

Special to eugin for being my photographer once again :)
  • P. Python Cute! =3 18 years ago
  • lainey the purple balls amuses me O_O lol! 18 years ago
  • maria_tachi The camera really look great!~ The colour of the photo is very nice!~ CUTE!~ XD 18 years ago
  • Elsch This is so cute! Reallygreat work on the costume.^^ 18 years ago
  • cactusmomma I love your Athenas~ 18 years ago
  • banditYinG XD like ya Athena~ ^^ 18 years ago
  • Mew_Pudding Cutttttte!! You are an awesome Athena~ 18 years ago
  • pearle yuanie~~~~ You look really great as Athena!!!! 18 years ago
  • ChocoLime More athena powwa ^o^ I like the ball balls and the costume is so crisp and neat Oo ;; great job XD 18 years ago
  • Isadora Wow you look great - I love the bright colours of the fabric! 18 years ago