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from costume Ashura
Hikaruchan Shortly before Otakon, found out group I was rooming with had been working on Tsubasa/xxxHolic costumes for months. Decided in the very short time before the con to try getting a Tsubasa Ashura together so I could add to the cast. Lots more work will be done on Ash.

Photo credit to Deathcom.net
  • Hikaru-Jan Tsubasa cosplays are always pretty to look at. You look great! 15 years ago
  • Lothlin *fangirls* seeing a Tsubasa Ashura is awesome, and the details so far look so good. I especially love the flame detail at the bottom, it's done so cleanly. 15 years ago
  • Yama-chan That looks so gorgeous! You guys look like you've jumped right out of the show! 16 years ago
  • soylatte nice job especially on such short notice! 16 years ago