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Rikku Dattebayo yes, and it's real.

...real FAKE.

hhaa, i dunno, i took out all the BB's so that it'd be lightweight and put the safety on. haha. don't panic. i'm not that crazy. ...or am i? O:
  • princemercury1 Oh damn. >_<;;; 13 years ago
  • twilightlord WTF ARE U DOING WITH AN AK47 THAT BIG. your so lucky my fake ak47 is like 1 meter 13 years ago
  • GyrfalconAH64D nice Kalashnikov u got there 13 years ago
  • HopelessHavoc Battle Royale cosplay for the win!! =^__^= Awesome pic! 14 years ago
  • ~LaDy_LoCkHeArT lol on some occasions LOL juss keeding. nice. the gun looks hella real though 14 years ago