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bubba28871 This is a great shot of our King of Fighters group. It was a lot bigger earlier in the day, but this picture just came out so good.
  • Tranquility You guys all look awesome. Your arms look muscley! 15 years ago
  • Jove Dude, this is one of favorite shots of the entire con. I need to come up with that icon soon... 15 years ago
  • FlyingPenguin This picture is just amazing on so many levels. I lurve it~ 15 years ago
  • Misty Eyes GASP! your group is so big! you all look awesome, KOF cosplay is 15 years ago
  • Archelon I don't know why, but I always love shots like this. You all look awesome. 15 years ago
  • MsValentine I LOVE it! :P 15 years ago