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nekopin in love with The Ravages(火鳳燎原) of Time by Hong Kong artist Chan Mou (陳某) ~

re-tells the story of the Three Kingdoms and giving it a big twist~

guo-jia is evil ~very evil ~^^///
photo by : xengk
edit by : pin
  • nekopin >Kanasai* ah ~~~ one of my favorites photo -ya ~~>W< >solano 沒關係啦~~來拜訪已經非常高興啊~~乾杯乾杯~~ >snowykiss 推薦去看﹗﹗﹗非常贊~~~~無論正正經經的還是腐爛腐爛部份<---﹖﹖﹖﹖﹖﹖﹖ 都非常給大力大力推薦啊﹗﹗非常贊﹗ >astellecia 如果沒了那大風與大太陽就沒那問題了~~~~~~~天時地利啊~~~~ 16 years ago
  • Astellecia looks very mysterious wor !! it's very pretty how the wind is blowing your hair and the cloth!! 16 years ago
  • snowykiss Very nice! ^^ Like the windy effect. Was very tempted to get the 火鳳燎原 manga after reading the summary of the story. Maybe after I moved over to the new house, I will start buying it... I have to much books to move now. T-T 16 years ago
  • solano 板凳! *没抢到沙发失望飘走* 16 years ago
  • Kanasai* :O Very nice shot! You look so mysterious with your locks covering half your face! Nice colours on photo too. 16 years ago