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DigitalHopper xD It was just a random urge. The new 'goggle head' of the 5th digimon season... 'Cept he doesn't where goggles... So I just threw mine around my neck for the hell of it ^^ tried to make it cged... Don't think I did too well... Except for the shirt, it was actually my Kouichi shirt but I photoshoped it red.
  • KazeChan o.o XD if you are going to CN as I ment XD 15 years ago
  • KazeChan OMG I love you! XD I cannot wait to see you at CN!! I'll be Strabimon! YEAH! -name tag will say KazeChan- or, something like that to show its me, you'll probably know XD I'll post pics. OMG I'M SO GLOMPING YOU! 15 years ago
  • GraveTheUndead Heh, I'm cosplaying as Masaru at CN Anime 15 years ago
  • Tenshi Zeruelle god im so proud to call you my little sister ^_^ photoshop pwns my soul 16 years ago