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brucer007 I often take much time to edit each photo, especially when it is a composite, adding the cosplayers into a different location than they were photographed.
Here is a photo I did at Wondercon 2016, about a month ago.

The Subzero cosplayer is my long-time friend Dustin, who has cosplayed as various versions of this character, over the years. He suggested this pose, with the intent that I add crystalized ice on the ground, as one of his attacks.

Jade here, was cosplayed by someone I had not photographed before, who goes by the name Kitty. She has really long hair, and is quite good a maneuvering her staff.

The arena location was some architecture I photographed at the Ontario Convention Center, which is not the place that Wondercon was at. It took a long time to edit between the metal bars, so I could add a custom cloud background. The metal bars were painted white, but I changed them to red, to give it a more asian look.
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