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from costume Serah Farron
junii "The point is...I have people I can count on. I'll make it through."

I tried out new makeup for this cosplay....bad idea. TAT: This convention was a test run for us...I definitely have to fix up my cosplay and makeup...
(Whoops I just noticed, but my skirt is slipping...those are my SHORTS showing)

Serah Farron- Anaru
Snow Villiers- YamiSasha
Photog- cardboard001
  • Diagnosed The pigtails suit you~. 10 years ago
  • Gummibar This is such a cute pic of you guy's! I love your Serah wig and everything about this costume. :) Nice work! 10 years ago
  • Panda Treats You make such a pretty Serah! 11 years ago
  • TheAnimelady Looks great. ^-^ I like your wig much 11 years ago
  • Yami Sasha ooh this pic :D I liked this one alot (was colour correcting it a bit in the morning XD tell me if you want that version :3) 11 years ago
  • Mao_Melissa You two look great, Anaru! I know what you mean about getting Serah's make-up right. I kept having to restrain myself from using too much make-up or color for this cosplay! 11 years ago