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from costume Belldandy
AngelSamui I have loved Belldandy since the moment I first read Ah! My Goddess. I wanted to save this costume until I had the time to make my own set of feather wings. It was quite the learning experience.

All of the artwork for Belldandy is just slightly different. I decided to look at her most recent television version with my final choices being based on the small resin figure I purchased for reference. It's easy to become so excited when making Belldandy to glitz her up till your fingers fall off. I tried to make my costume a more true and clean version for my first go around.

The costume is built on top of a white corset I made to hold the wings. The white undress was completely draped from muslin. The blue jacket is completely lined, the gold triangles are heat bonded on and then lined along the straight edge with gold ribbon stitched on for a little sparkle and strength.

The headscarf is hand painted and most of the jewelry was had made. I'm very proud of my earrings. I made the blue socks to go over a pair of gold high heels so I wouldn't have to walk around barefoot. My "tail" banner was glamorized with white and gold cording zig-zagged stitched on and the tassels were made from matching embroidery thread.

My wig was styled by my beautiful Demon Belldandy, AmazonMandy! So we could match.

Photographer: LJinto
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