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NiGHTmaren Ok, so I'm really, incredibly excited about this costume. I'll probably post some real progress in here shortly, since this is just a materials image post. I was very fortunate enough to find a wig with a side-part on the right when being worn, I spent a day going through every page of eBay and failed to find one like it. I only ended up finding it after hours more searching and by sheer chance. Thankfully it's very similar to his hairstyle in other ways, being longer in the front and shorter as it goes back, and very short with fringe in the back, so styling shouldn't be too much of a hassle. :) Mostly a matter of shaping it and straightening it out a bit. To the right are fabrics I picked out for the bodysuit and waistband. The white fabric is a pearlized spandex to add just a bit of fabulousness and the gold is stretch velvet. I didn't want plain or 'boring' fabrics for this because of how...lively his character is. Just the design screams I AM A VERY FABULOUS MAN. I will begin working on mock-ups shortly, and start hunting around for the cape fabrics next.
  • ShinobuWind Oh man, Ghirahim. I can't wait to see this finished! ^_^ 11 years ago