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from costume Morinth
hmwsg x I finally finished this stupid costume! I had so many issues with the bodysuit, but it is done. The costume was well received, but I need to practice making my makeup more Morinth-like.

Headpiece by Satine
  • Canerican Holy buckets. Any advice for someone who's never really sewn before? I'm trying to piece together a commando-ish outfit for my own upcoming asari, and... good lord almighty. I know in the putting-together pics you mentioned a water polo suit, but what else did you use? Dayum. 11 years ago
  • SkyeHawk89 This a great Costume. I remember once before back on BioWare I were asking you hot to make Costumes. This a awesome job of Morinth. You should do a Asari Spectre. That be pretty cool. I'm thinking of creating a Mass Effect costume. :) 11 years ago
  • † Vanilla † Amazing job!! *_* 12 years ago
  • Hee-Hee Aaaah so cool!! 12 years ago
  • elion_augustus The attention to detail is just as wonderful in the back too! ^_^ I am loving this suit. 12 years ago