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from costume Sakura
brightling You can spot both my Sakura and kaatsumi's Yukito in this shot. We weren't thinking we'd be able to make this photoshoot but the saw us and flagged us down as we scurried down the hall. CLAMP love! Yay!

Photo courtesy of Hypersapiens on Flickr:
  • Vilya0 Nice! I was the Tokyo Revelations Syaoran with the sword, with AkatsukiSky as TR Sakura! It was awesome seeing everyone! :D You looked really lovely! 12 years ago
  • Merino YAY Clamp Shoot! I was the Suzaku with the winged Jacket, Angathol is the Lelouch, Angelica is the Euphemia and C.C. is Kat Murz! I loved having so many clamp Characters there. 12 years ago