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from costume Wolverine
gwegz I like this picture because i show my fangs (natural ^^)
  • gwegz Well its a mask i bought on internet (like batmans). I found it just by googling "wolverine mask" (here: ). :) I just made some mods in the eyes, I cut the edges and glued a large mesh fabric. 10 years ago
  • aznwolverine Definitely! How did you make the mask? It fits just like in the comic art 10 years ago
  • gwegz Waw... Really... Thank you ^^ 10 years ago
  • aznwolverine no homes meant by saying this, but that is One. Gorgeous. ..........Wolverine! Not many people have the balls to do the masked version (my favorite) and do it well. For that I gotta say youre the best there at what ya do. Epic. 10 years ago