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from costume Rydia
NiGHTmaren Yep. Another Rydia costume. Though to be fair it has been a few years since my last one! This was made on a whim, a month before Fanime, when I found out my friend Daisy was cosplaying Terra, as drawn by an artist by the name of Sakizou. When I found out there was a super cute and adorable artwork of Rydia by Sakizou, I jumped at the chance! Petite Rydia with big brown eyes? YES PLEASE. AND I get to cosplay with a friend of mine who nows lives in Cali and who I rarely ever see, which pretty much meant I had to hop on it and make this costume happen...which I somehow managed to do. I thank all the leftover beads from back in 2007 when I made Bead Monster (lol Amano) Rydia. It really helped to make this costume on a budget, haha. Oh, and check out Sakizou's art, please! I promise you it's worth looking at and really pretty! ;)
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