Kazeki's image
from costume Satonaka Chie
Kazeki Photo : Pukwong

Fenix as Seta Souji
Kemuri as Hanamura Yousuke
Kazeki as Satonaka Chie
Mintos as Amagi Yukiko
Jac'kee as Tatsumi Kanji
Koori as Kujikawa Rise
Stick as Shirogane Naoto
Raincloud as Kuma

We had a shoot last week in the depths of Sekinchan. All of us woke up at 3am for preperation and didn't get much sleep. 2 cars were used to transport Kuma alone coz it's so friggin huge. We were so excited when we got there we forgot to take some important shots we wanted lol but all is well!

Photos have been edited this way to give the nostalgic feel P4 had.

Kuma also took up 20 years of Rain's and my life lol
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