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from costume Team Magma Grunt II
MidnightMist We just had to do a Charlie's Angel-esque pose, I'm not sure how acurate it is, but when you're in matching costumes like this, you can't help but get into the silliest of poses.

Myself on the Left
Oniichan in the Middle
Vatisha on the Right

Magma Photoshoot, March 2009
  • princemercury1 Nice job ^^ 13 years ago
  • NanaChan You guys look great! 8D Awesome costumes and posing ;) 13 years ago
  • ako_pah Wow....very nice team you got here.........(*,*) I love it...........(^,*) 13 years ago
  • Chelseahavoc xD! you guys look awesome! >.> good morning angels 13 years ago