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from costume Titania
wolfram003 This was the first picture we took with my camera. Gonderalf and I had just been outside taking pictures of various people, and well, I forgot to adjust the settings before I handed it off, which is a very bad idea when taking pictures inside of A-Kon's hotel. The lighting is awful and warps pictures on a lot of cameras. I didn't notice my error until halfway through the tiny photoshoot. :(

Still, I tried my best to straighten out the color, though I could do very little to clear up the blurriness.

Oh well. Perhaps we'll get a few decent shots together next time. :|

Gonderalf as Ike
KratosSamurai2 as Soren
Wolfram003 as Titania
  • Shade Ninja Wow! Another Titania, you made a great job! ^_^ 11 years ago