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ssmitty I was pretty excited when I learned the latest Castlevania game featured a female protagonist. Kickass, yes. Also, I plan on making my hubby the other Richter costume and was happy when I found that there was a female character I liked. ^__^

Here's most of it. I haven't attached the hip guards yet or added the velcro and elastic to the thigh/knee pieces. The dress was a fitted velvet gown that I added godets to between some of the panels and removed these odd back straps. The glovelets are stretch velvet in a slightly lighter navy blue. The armor is foam on foam with layers of acrylic paint that was mixed for color and with a bit of fabric paint and glue for additional flexibility. RIght now, it's attached with carpet tape, but I think I'll be adding velcro, instead. Still haven't made the calf pieces and the trim on the glovelets and for the neck are lighter than the artwork, but it was a rush on that, haha. Maybe I'll try tea/coffee dyeing it later.
  • Kadino This looks legitimately amazing thus far. I'm really hoping I get a chance to see it point-blank. 15 years ago