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SailorGaia Wow, am I a fortunate girl? I have a great friend named Miri who actually lent myself and Dali-Lamb (the Luna) two of her costumes just so we can live out more of my Lunar obsession. :B Not only that, Avianna gets in touch with Elemental, a photographer I have really admired for awhile, and we get a photoshoot of said costumes together. I'm over the moon...or on it, being Lunar. (Derp)

I normally do all my costuming so this was such a positive experience, being able to borrow a costume that is so nicely done and getting to wear it so stress free. Thank you SO much Miri, Avianna, & of course, Elemental for everything. My little fangirl heart is bursting!
  • Miri Aww, you so welcome! I was honored that you spoke so highly of these and wanted to wear them. I had so much fun with this group! ♥ 14 years ago