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kowaipanda First time wearing circle lens too.
Made the wig with 1 straight short wig and 1 curly one.
On to the costume.
Still haven't finished the game but I'm at chapter 13.
  • buta-chan WHOAH~! 0 _ 0 your wearing CONTACTS~! 0 A 0 must admit it sure looks purdy on you~ yup1yup!!! > w < seems you overcame fear of accidentally poking your eye! lol! XDDD and..and... wig looks EXACTLY the color of lightning's hair~! oooh~ i'd really want to come there ASAP to hear more about how you've done that!~and how you combined 2 seperate wigs too! it looks awesome~!!! 11 years ago
  • Mico_125 You really DO look like Lightning, I can't wait to see it finished 11 years ago
  • Neizfer >;3 ohohoho preparing for worst birthdat eii XDD O w o you should pose the lighting favorite face too XDD 11 years ago