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from costume Nagase
Mew_Pudding Soooo, I realized I never uploaded any photos from this shoot!

Funny story about my face color, I was supposed to be cosplaying Merle for an Escaflowne group this weekend, but I tried to do a spraytan and it went...horribly horribly wrong. So I looked like I had a skin disease and had to bring full body costumes for the weekend :D

Photo by Glamurang
  • Kula Diamond** Oh, you've made it perfectly! *o* I'm in love! ^u^~ Panda Nagase is UBER cute! 8D Kisses =* 14 years ago
  • hailo Oh hay awesomeMcAwesome-face, whats up? 15 years ago
  • cactusmomma But see, the spraytan can be passed off as 2nd player, color scheme A+C! I really do hope to see more shots from this. I've always loved all the pandas! 15 years ago
  • SailorAnime Oh cool! I love seeing this variant of Nagase! Great job on it. 15 years ago
  • WARBEAR Pandatastic, awesome. Brilliant hat. 15 years ago