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from costume Piyoko
Rain_cloud just felt like uploading more pictures from this photoshoot.8D
another group picture.

rabi en rose - Chocolime
pyoko - Myself
degiko - Chibineko
puchiko - Angel
  • TomatheSpook All of you are really cute and it's so great that you took this photo in the shop, it feels like you're in Gamers^^ 13 years ago
  • KitsuneSqueak So cute <3 Di Gi charat is ♥ 14 years ago
  • Geister Super cute photo 14 years ago
  • ChocoLime The shoot was so fun and everyone looked great! 14 years ago
  • kowaipanda very cute digi charat group~ 14 years ago
  • MarineSnow So cute This is the best Di Gi Charat group I've seen so far! 14 years ago