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Katie I have found that I probably get more questions about Starfire than any other costume in my gallery, so from now on, I'm going to redirect all questions to this photo description (rather than typing them out over and over again). :D

The wig - Alicia XXL in Henna Red. Ordered from Cosworx.

The "armor" - Silver 2-way stretch vinyl over craft foam. Not recommended, but it was what I had leftover from Ulala. I'd say go with metallic spandex instead.

The skin - Mehron Liquid Make-up for Face, Body, and Hair in orange - http://www.mehron.com/Liquid_Makeup_p/111.htm - I added it to a body lotion (I believe it was a 1:1 ratio) and then slathered it all over my skin like bright orange sunscreen! This makes for a great TINT, but will not give you opaque color! I definitely would suggest buying some and doing several application tests- see what works best for you!

The boots - I bought a pair of brown (boys) lace-up shoes (they had the right look for the sole), cut off the tongue and lacing, masked off the leather, spray-painted the soles silver (should have primed them first, though, because they're still a little tacky to this day), then made a bootcover out of spandex and glued the edges to the sides of the boot with Aleene's SUPER FABRIC Textile Adhesive (GREAT stuff!). DO NOT USE HOT GLUE. It doesn't hold. I don't have the time or energy to make a bootcover tutorial right now, so please do your best to find one on the internet (there are several great ones out there).

Hopefully that oughta do it! Photo taken by Silas in 2007! (Before I fixed up the costume for ACE 2008.)
  • Celiaskyleaf what was the ratio of paint to lotion? this is a great idea and I would love to try it!!! 9 years ago
  • Anhelitta What size of the mehron did you buy? I have a bit more skin area to cover than you for an upcoming cosplay... And any type of lotion will do? And what was your Ratio of lotion to paint please? You do look great! 9 years ago
  • Love4SaveFerris What kind of lotion did you use and do you remember the mixing ratio/ how many bottles of makeup you used? This is an awesome costume btw! 9 years ago
  • Zerelixon I need to try that body paint method :D But I have a question... Was it hard to get off? Did it stain your skin? 10 years ago
  • Miss Angela Thank you very much for the body paint information. It looks wonderful on you! 10 years ago
  • kayandhearts did the body paint absorb into your skin like the lotion, or did it make you feel sticky, like if you were wearing cheap foundation that hadn't need set?? xD you're the best starfire I've seen!!!! 11 years ago
  • negativedreamer looking wonderful! 12 years ago
  • Dust Bunny Great idea for the body paint. You make a great Starfire, thanks for sharing your technique! 12 years ago
  • Fire Lily Thanks for the info - I always love reading how people make their costumes ^.^ 12 years ago
  • Zaviera You look awesome! And the body paint is amazing! 12 years ago
  • KohakuWolf Soooo beautiful!! You are perfect as Starfire, that costume is fantastic! ^o^ 12 years ago