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from costume Ayanami Rei
Kula Ayanami not.

But Rei is an efficient worker, for sure. Ready to serve and kick some ass.lol

And yesterday I was wasting my time in a FNAC store when... I saw the figurine that inspires my costume... OMG, DO WANT! I had the box and the doll in my hands and... so expensive! x_x ' Plus, it was the "default" (royal blue) version, not the baby-blue limited edition (I wanna buy the baby blue figure, for sure).o.o' It's unbelieveble CUTE AND PERFECT, the photos doesn't do justice! Do want. NOW!t.t~

Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting! I will reply all the comments, I didn't reply yet because I was so busy with personal things, you know? t-t '

  • LirioSparrow18 Omg you are so f...cute xD! your skin is so nice :3 13 years ago
  • MinoS-Chan +-----+ love~~ 13 years ago
  • fly_aguilera CUTE EVER! 13 years ago
  • invaderzimgir So cute rey anayami , cute cosplay , awesome n_n 13 years ago
  • sodenoshirayuki PERUJONES LOCO Y DETESTABLE *U* ai, sério, te enterra perua u_u (você vai pra minha estante AGORA! u_ú que mané boneca de 300 pila da FNAC o que. pior é que aqui em POA eu também vi a boneca, a de azul-escuro que nem a que você descreveu no flog, e tava caro igual aqui também ;_; ain ain.) :**** 13 years ago
  • Geister Very cute Rei!!! 13 years ago