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from costume Bayonetta
FantasyNinja Photo by LJinto
(as explained before, this is just progress. ^^)
  • Hikari-Katsu Lovely Wings *_* I want it!! 11 years ago
  • juujuu_pop Those wings are beautiful! I'll be making my first pair of wings later on in the year, and might have to try your method! Thanks for the description~ 11 years ago
  • aznwolverine ......Lies! XD If thats really how theyre made Ill feel pretty stupid. 11 years ago
  • FantasyNinja XD they are just wire and irridescent cellophane. I just painted over it with acrylics. 11 years ago
  • aznwolverine The wings! They are so alluring to the eye. I want to learn it to for something similar! 11 years ago
  • Kudrel Those wings look spectacular so far! How did you go about it if I may ask? 11 years ago