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from costume Flonne
MidnightMist Well at least Etna was ready... I was so sad you couldn't see my angel wing earrings in this photo, I don't have pierced ears so they were difficult to wear, but I wanted the costumes to be as accurate as possible, but you can never see them because my hair is always blocking them. -_- At least these is a plus about this photo, you can see the little necklace/choker I'm wearing a bit better, since it's black on black it's hard to see most of the time, and my arms aren't as lost in the background, but I did realize here that I need to attach the bracelets to the gloves so they stop slitting down when I raise my arms. Next time!

Myself as Flonne
Vatisha as Etna

Wore at AX 2008.
  • XSoraLoverX aw you two are pretty, sweet cosplays!! 14 years ago