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from costume Normandy Engineer
ammnra My Custom re-design (Hence the "C" in M-3C) of the Mass Effect Predator Heavy Pistol.
3D Printed, Collapsible, Functional Light Strike prop gun.


Compact Scale:
The Bioware version of this gun seemed a bit on the large side to my eyes so I scaled it to be closer to a standard hand gun (had to adjust the handle width and the overall thickness).

Custom Electronics/Lighting:
Using the Guts from a WowWee Light Strike gun (like improved Laser Tag) gives quite a few fun gimmicks. Barrel can light 4 colors/ammo mods(Team Select), gun has 4 sound modes (Laser, Suppressed Laser, Electric, Heavy), and the 3 side lights (instead of the game 2) are the Light Strike health meter. Emitter is the bottom barrel, detector is just below the top barrel so “Light Striking” still works. Upgraded the battery system using a Duracell USB re-chargeable battery hacked into the handle and hand guard.

Handle system can be unlocked and can swing up and slide into the gun. Slides into a custom belt mounted clamp/holster to recreate the gun’s stored look in game
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