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shattered_song An awesome shot taken by Morataya!
  • Yama-chan Wow, what an awesome group! And I love your Jasmine! The details are amazing! 10 years ago
  • bossbot You'll forever be my favourite Jasmine! I love this design, it's fanatastic! Excellent job as usual~ 10 years ago
  • Dali-Lamb You all look amazing! I love the slight variants you all took with the costumes, it's stunning! And your Jasmine is the most breathtaking of all! I love everything about it--you ladies look fabulous *v* 10 years ago
  • AsakuraYoh AMAZING!! you're sooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous *0* i loved your Jasmine, is FANTASTIC!!! 10 years ago
  • Straywind What a fantastic group! You make such a lovely Jasmine! :3 10 years ago
  • Kiandra Your Jasmine is beyond gorgeous sweetie!! *W* 10 years ago
  • shattered_song Why thank you! 10 years ago
  • no-more-thread you all look amazing! 10 years ago