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Ventious With somewhere over 30 hours of work put into it over the course of 3 days, it's finished. I'm pretty happy with it.

Now I just need to get more molding supplies.
  • ACBrotherhood Phenomenal, just simply phenomenal. No words can express how much I applaud you for this type of hard work and determination. If I may, and please forgive me, for my knowledge on clay work is very, VERY limited. But how did you manage to keep the clay wet while forming it? spray bottle? And when the day was over, did you spray it and then put a garbage over to keep it from drying out? 8 years ago
  • MelodicMadness this is amazing! so much detail! 10 years ago
  • bluemacaroons The detail on this is spectacular! Congrats on being so talented omg 10 years ago
  • xkahlan That is amazing! 10 years ago