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KhalDevon The original Cloud design doesn't get enough love! So I modernized it just a little and stayed true to the original design. More pictures in a week or so, I just saw a bar in the reception area and had to make my friend take a picture of me. This was at a baby-sized con so I took it as an opportunity to road-test my Cloud costume before I go to the big con this weekend :) The biggest thing I need to work on is staying in character, I can't take anything seriously!

Oh and to tuck in my shirt, seriously, why didn't I do that?

That pringles can in the corner tho -_-....
  • Roi'ikka-Ta if you put a black beanie and a khaki trench coat on you would look so much like that dude off the new final fantasy with the black beanie on and blonde hair . i dont remember his name (im still on final fantasy x-2 ..) 8 years ago