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from costume Sailor Moon
Straywind I'm rather fond of this close-up shot taken by Mike at Con-G a few weeks ago. I look like I'm ready to let my tiara fly! XD

My Sailor Moon fuku was made by my awesome friend Ammie.

Check my costume page or my website for the full list of costume credits. I had so much fun Cosplaying Sailor Moon! X3
  • Overbeck Another cute cosplay, good job. 8 years ago
  • rankin24 So tiny and perfectly cute as Sailor Moon! Darn you for being able to pull off so many characters XD 8 years ago
  • TsukinoUsagi I absolutely love your wig! and you look great as Usagi! 8 years ago
  • TiaLuna very pretty :) 8 years ago
  • Ninnu-chan What a lovely Usagi you are! *3* 8 years ago