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Your_Rain Alright... so my sister hates anime. Hates cosplay. Hates "nerds". She punched me in the face for dragging her to the Silent Hill movie because she was so scared. (wuss~!) HOW I got her to put this on and pose with it is beyond me. But here she is, in my newly bleached Lisa costume~! *^o^*

Note: Yes, the zippers are purple. ^^;; The bleach wouldn't take to them. It's not perfect, but I kind of like how it looks - aside from not being Lisa at all. =3 Quite obviously, I am not a cosplay perfectionist. *^_^*
  • Alessa very nice! :D 17 years ago
  • pixiekitty I kind of like how the zipper looks too though. It gives the costume something more..its sort of a plain costume in the game. I think it's cute! And I love the wig style! 17 years ago